magma dragon

How to look after a baby magma dragon.


Have you just been given a baby dragon to look after? You’re going to need to set some rules for your dragon. You are lucky since you’re going to be bigger than your dragon so it will listen to you .But You are going to need to be kind to your dragon so it’s not afraid of you . Set some rules such as don’t let it break things in your home and for it not to run away from you if you want to you can teach it tricks .Your going to need to not get lost in its adorable eyes if it has been bad .


What you need:

Closed fire, water bed (hot water) ,shady aria ,cave,Rocks ,water bowl and lots of kindness.


What to do:

First,never leave the doors open when you leave your house and leave it something to keep it entertained .

Next,make sure there is a shaded area acting as a cave.

Then make sure you feed it rocks and put it’s droppings in a steel bin otherwise it will melt through the material because it’s basically lava.

Also,provide cold water so it doesn’t overheat.

After That,exercise daily and put a fire on when you get home if it’s cold .

Later on, make sure there is music on to calmly make it fall asleep.

Finally ,wrap it up in blankets and cushions .


Dragons if there treated kindly will return when you set them free.

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