Monkey assassin mechanimal


In a small village near a giant forest one mechanical monkey with assault rifle silently assassinated 30% of the people but one man was here to stop Daniel the bravest warrior ninja ever was ready to stop that dangerous monkey the monkey started shooting the windows going crazy braking down roofs and doors people screaming get the cannons but it was to late to get the cannons he had already gone back to its evil layer kidnapping Daniel but Daniel had a knife cutting out his bag there was not a lot of are he ran and ran all day long shouting “HELP HELP PLEASE”.the monkeys name mr evil monk he was raised to be assassin and kill that village his great grandfather was a prisoner in that village he got his head got chopped off when he attempted to escape.he wants revenge also his brother is currently trapped in the prison his names Bob it.

was Monday 22 November 2021 and the king started a war against the monkey he executed Bob.and made a army to kill mr evil monk and they had spy’s cannons archers knights on horses and a proud loyal king.meanwhile Daniel was heading back to the castle he noticed the king saying “let’s kill that monkey are you with me”and the army saying”YES”I headed back to the castle I came up to the king and said what’s going on he replied saying we’re killing that monkey with are army we have roughly ten thousand men I said that’s a lot he said I know I want you in that army I said uhhh ok meanwhile the monkey saw and started to kill the army already the king started noticing body’s.

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