Visit the wonder land of Nevelson

Are you bored on weekends and just have to sit and do nothing?

Do you and your friends crave adventures?

Are you looking for a fun filled time where everything is in one place?


Well why not come to the land of Nevelson you can go hiking, fishing and more. Join in with one of our many activities available each day.

You can go on a walk in the forest with a friend to see all the wild life, how they live, sleep and many other things. You can go rock climbing with your friends and can go with one of our guides.

You will be amazed and astonished to see the whole world from the biggest mountain called The Mount Hovers.

You must visit the museum because it has lots of things to see. You can find out about why the theme park is called Nevelson.

They will:

  • Be shocked of the amount of activities on offer;
  • Be amazed with the food;
  • Be astonished of how good the guides are;
  • Be blown away by our underwater restaurant;
  • Go to dizzy heights on our breath-taking rides;
  • Learn to be a protector of the Nevelson;
  • Be ready to glide in the sky;
  • Ride a bike with one of the guides;
  • try our competitions out;
  • Learn about history of Nevelson;
  • Have a try of the piranha pool;
  • Try swim with the highly trained sharks.


Nevelson theme park is one of the biggest theme parks in England. More 2,990 people can come in this theme park.

You can call us on 0967421


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