Podkin one ear

Chapter one – The beginning


At last, they were ready to go on adventure.

They were off leaving their home Seabed cliff. They all said their goodbyes, it was for a good reason to keep them safe, Podkin and Pas. They were walking to mystical forest so they can stay overnight. In Podkin’s bag he had all the clothes they needed to stay clean, they shared the same bag and Pas had the water and food in hers. The next day they walked over the wall of mountains and had to be quite quiet when the go passed the sleeping dragons den.

The next day came fast, they slept in the wasteland woods. They were almost at dark Hollow, Podkin is hopping the Gorm won’t be there when they come. But half way left, the Gorm appeared. The both of them ran past hopping he will get lost. They made it eventually to Dark Hollow, welcomed by everybody there. They were happy to be safe. Then there was a knock at the door…

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