Visit Popisland!


Yes visit Popisland it’s all fun for the fabulous family and your mind might explode!


Are your kids ever bored on the weekends? Or are you just tired of your kids? Why not visit Popisland and come on a never ending adventure? Yes great fun for the kids.


Be amazed by Micky’s underground water park.

Be astonished by the will of fame the best wishing toss.

Wonder at the Eagle Academy of PE.

Admire the puppy’s, rabbits and kitten play set.


The Academy of PE were most famous runners who learned the skill and technique of how to run. Our super turbo buster. That can go 0 to 60km in seconds, saw hours of practice and your kid could become the next Usain Bolt in the future. 


This wonderful Island is only 2 minutes away from the east-west coast of Dubia.


Visit Popisland and explode your dreams!


There is also a coffee shop,luxurious, mavellous candy sweets and outstanding room service.

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  1. hi i really like how you did you work it is amazing and ”i will visit ”

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