Prologue and chapter1 of lock heart Benjamin SWW

Bluebird gazed out the bloodhound’s window as the sky turned grey when the airship drew closer. He saw the AA gun glint in the sunlight like a spear ready for battle. He heard the roar of the gun fire at the aircraft targeting the men inside. He sensed the burning helium as a fire court the envelope. Turning to his master calmly, he looked worried to his clockworks. Bluebird Squawked, “By all that tick John , it is time to call it to jump! humans before mechanicals.”

Chapter 1

Slamming the backdoor of Jensons Dogood School For Boys, Thor Hartman peered across the playground to see if any one was out there . No one was so within a few seconds he was off as fast as his little leg could carry him towards the old shed and freedom. At the end of the shed was a lump of old rusty toys and a prison like wall.

Once again he open the letter and read through the terrible news. His father, John Hartman, was missing and his airship crashed in the street of hearting bird. His last words to him were, ‘keep it closed.’ Many night he had lain awake in the dormitory and wondered about what it meant. When might he find out?

At that moment , he heard a distinctive squeak and a familiar long furred face appeared from the pile of toys next to me,” By all that tocks, you’ve taken a ticking long time to get out that prison I began to think you liked this ticking place” he said “give me a wind up will you? I used up a lot of power escaping the silly scallywags ” said bluebird So he gave him a thorough turn of the dirty kea and Bluebird did a squeal of satisfaction. His brown fur was singed from the airship crash but other wise he was as his happy self.

That afternoon, Jack was surprised to see Thor and Bluebird standing at the end of dunkers alley at the back of townsese antique. “Of course it’s your mums engraved locket ,” he said. Thor sadly nodded his head. The locket was something my mother treasured. She had put it on my bedside table in Thor’s bedroom. Many night Thor watched something mysterious on one of the engravements move around the diamond skipping round it as steady as a waterfall. on the face there are hundreds of coded engravements forming words but his memory was still painful to think about. “Sorry.” muttered Jack looking down.

” He’s ticking right” purred Bluebird, “No time to lose. we have to take a ticking steam thingy back towards Brackenridge Manner and begin the search before them scallywags get their sticky paws on it.

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