Runaway Rabbits by Lauren

Chapter 1

Early that morning, little Lucy Rabbit heard a message through the earth wall of their family burrow: tap, tap, tap. It meant that the time had come to run away. The giant, dangerous dragons were coming…

Immediately, Lucy packed her rabbit rucksack. It was soon full of lots of juicy fruit, a water bottle, soft blankets and a pillow big enough for her and her little brother Jack. Quickly and quietly, she woke up Jack and gave him a banana snack so he wouldn’t be hungry on their exciting adventure. Lucy didn’t tell him about the dragons as he was only small and she didn’t want him to worry. After hugging their mother (who was waiting for another message to come out), they jumped out of the tiny hole that was their secret back door and hopped into the deep, dark woods.

As the sun rose above the forest, they could hear the splish, splash of fish. They must be near the enchanted lake! Lucy lifted Jack onto her back and he fell asleep as she ran towards the edge of the water. Silently, she pulled out the water bottle and filled it with the sparkling, purple water which had special healing powers. Lucy looked across the enchanted lake to the distant volcano. Would they ever be able to get to the top before the dragons?


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