Shimmer Island

Are you ever bored at the weekends? Do you wish for something more exciting than lying on your couch? Why not visit Shimmer Island – your wishes could come true!


Be amazed by Seven Dwarves mine.

Gasp at the sight of our outdoor glacial pool.

Admire the shining seas of Moonlight Bay.

Lounge in the rooms of an excellent 5-star hotel.

Marvel at the view from the Opal Mountains.


In Canary Caves, you will have hours of fun as you explore every corner of the cave. You will be able to:

  • use our fantastic portable microscopes to analyse structures of crystals you find;
  • get coaching from expert caveologists;
  • learn to tell fake gems from the canary yellow jewels that are scattered around the edge of the cave;
  • know how to be safe in caves by wearing proper safety equipment.


Many people that have visited Canary Caves have become successful scientists. Professor John Doe remarked “It is vital to go to Shimmer Island if you want to learn about crystal structures.”


To find out how to get tickets, please visit:



*no safety insurance provided

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