Sunny Hill Village


Sunny Hill Village


Your next adventure starts here! At Sunny Hill Village! You’ll never believe what is in store for you. Don’t miss out for a free trip to Sunny Hill Village.

Are you sick of your children staring at screens all day long? Hate having nothing to do? Love exploring new quests? Well you’ll love this experience

Explore the ocean by scuba diving for hours to see the tropical fishes.

Relax on the sun-drenched beach that surrounds our village.

Forget the bad times and let them drift away while you can camp on our brand new campsite.

Come experience surf boarding to its most spectacular form! No need to pay for a board if you are a member of the club as long as you give it back your welcome to visit whenever you’re up to it!

  • Pick your own board with your perfect very own design!
  • If you want a challenge like no other go near rocky hill and catch the biggest wave.
  • Love danger? You can ask for types of tricks and take lessons to help you achieve these types of tricks of your pick.

Aisha from Hollywood said “Sunny Hill Village is full of exciting times and wonderful adventures!”

Amazingly, there is plenty of quiet cafes & fabulous restaurants free for children, parking at every shop and truly unique shops for you to visit and take a look around!



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