The adventure

As the small baby platypuses set out on their adventure the Mum kissed them goodbye and wish them good luck and told them to get back to soon as they could. They started the treacherous journey going through the canyons of death and using a rope to get across them.and they had to past the big Bear without that they set up camp it’s been two days without sleep so they were absolutely exhausted.ate the carrots and dead fish that their mum had given is a long sleep the next day they do woken up feeling much better.they were on the last few miles they could see the lake ahead so they ran as fast as they could soon as they got there though they noticed that the crocodile speak into it so they just talk to the crocodiles and saidwe are platypuses get out of heresee the crocodiles leftThen the holiday began they were playing in the pool catching fish and relaxing when it came to the day to come home they’re excited to see their mum but also sad to leave the big Lake.soon as they got home they told their mum all about how they pass the big bear and all the rest of the monsters soon as they got home they got a big fat stay very muddy platypuses.


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  1. Hi Eva. I love this piece of writing! I really like the idea of platypus’. One thing is just to remember your full stops.

    Well done!

    Ellie Carr Mill Primary.

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