The Amulet Chapter One by Ollie SWW

Johns air ship crashed horribly. Will barely escaped the air ship crash. He glared at the enemy air ship as it came closer and closer like a ball hurling at him. He heard the distant bombs in the sky like a whistle calling quietly for a friend. Will sensed the air ship was after it just like him they were targeting it.

Chapter 1 The Amulet
Gingerly, James opened the back door trying not to awaken its rusty scrape from the old school door. Footsteps came down the hallway as the rain banged on the roof. Quickly he ran in the toilets and waited and when he was sure the teacher had left he carried on. He scanned the play ground for any life forms. Nothing. It was time. Suddenly, James sprinted to the old damp oak tree and firmly gripped its branch: he had been training for this all week. “What do you think your doing?” boomed Mr. Gambitsn, the most annoying teacher. His hand slipped off a branch his heart pumping rapidly. Now Mr. Gambitsn was climbing after him. Luckily, James was at the last branch and jumped for his life.

Exhausted after the run from Mr.Gambitsn he sat on a bench and unfolded the crumpled up note. He had been studying for weeks. Its heart braking news filled James’s head but a part of it was so weird he nearly thought it was in a different language. It read open your treasure and all will be restored. I don’t have a pirates treasure under my bed, or a map but something made me think I knew about this like I owed it but what?

At that moment James heard a howl. He turned in a instant noticing its familiar face
“you have taken a ticking long time to get out of the dreadful prison” boomed Will. “Can you just wind me up I have used allots of energy escaping the baddies today expectably getting here” said Will. Without hesitating James leapt to his feet and winded Will who gave a weak howl of satisfaction. His thunder cloud fur was now burnt or had ash smothered on it but he seemed fine.

That afternoon, Sam was amazed to see James “what are you doing here” asked Sam.
James answered ” I have been trying to work out what the clue means see” James handed the letter to Sam “I know what this means” Shouted Sam exited to know. Surprisingly, it means that you need to open the amulet of course. James tried to remember where he left it.
” Oh it in our house” explained James we need to go now. Hopping he was right about where it was, he double checked and knew was still right.

“Your right” Growled Will we need to take the steam wagon back to our shelter and quick before some rapscallion’s do and put the greasy hands all over it.

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