The diamond necklace chapter 1


Lexi peered through the window and saw a helicopter come closer and closer like a speeding bullet. She ran out of her house and ran to her dad’s car but it was locked and her dad was shopping but without thinking she left er mum’s  precious diamond necklace behind. The moment the helicopter hit her house like a bomb exploding, she remembered the necklace and ran to get it.

Chapter 1

When Lexi saw her mum come home, she worried and hoped everything would be ok. Her mum walked out of her car and stood staring at their house . Lexi gave a small, nervous smile and held out  the broken, diamond necklace in her hands. Her mum had treasured the necklace for years , ever since Lexi’s father had gave it to her. Her mum gave a horrified gasp and ran over to Lexi. She was surprised that her mum said it was ok.Lexi’s  mum asked what happened and she told her what the helicopter driver said. He had lost control of the helicopter.

At that very moment, Lexi’s mum told her the necklace was fake diamond.
They rushed back into the ruins of the house but there was nothing to be found. Could the helicopter driver took it ? They ran to the car and went to find the necklace.




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