The forbidden mask


Nobody knew what it was. Nobody wanted to know what it was.The mask stared down from the tree as sharp as a knife. Suddenly, it fell out of the tree and flew away into the starry night sky, never to be seen again or that’s what they thought. Soon it will get its revenge. It’s eyes turned red, it’s teeth turned as sharp as a blade, and turned demonic.

Chapter 1
James rushed out of school for young boys as fast as a Cheetah onto privet drive. Suddenly, he stopped and saw a mask in a tree. James climbed the tree and picked it off the crispy, Autumn leaves. “ cool, a Halloween mask but Halloween was two weeks ago” said James. Suddenly, he swore the mask bit him. “ ow” “I’m just hallucinating”. And before anyone could say anything, he put it on and ran home. Little did he notice the bloody label with teeth marks in it.

He didn’t arrive home though. He landed in this dusty old farm house in the middle of nowhere.

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