The Memory Locket By Seth SWW


Dark Phoenix stared out of Woodpeckers window as he located the Amber Airship. He noticed the ships daggers prepared for battle. Dark Phoenix heard the rage of the canons launch like a dragons breath. He smelt the burning gas as fire started to spread. Turning to his master, Dark Phoenix growled, “By all that ticks, its time for us to jump.” Isaac jumped, Dark Phoenix following after.

Chapter 1

Harold spied through the orphanage window, hoping that nobody was in the playground. Without a second thought Harold Huchens sprinted as fast as he could. He bounced over the gate hoping that no one could see him. He took a breath behind the magnificent white oak tree.

Harold quickly pulled out the crumpled letter out of his battered pocket, that had been sewn up over 47 times. In the blink of an eye, he remembered his fathers last words, “don’t let your memories fade.” He still didn’t know what that meant though. He was trying to realize the mystery that would hopefully unfold one day. “I will find you dad, I promise.” Harold whispered.

At that moment, a friendly face appeared out of the pile of leaves. By all that tocks, you’ve been taking a long time to get out of that horrid place! Said Dark Phoenix shaking the last couple of leaves out of his rusty mechanical spine. Winding Dark Phoenix up, Harrold told him about the letter. His ruffled purple and black fur was still tied up into a bunch of leaves.

Later that afternoon, Alfie was confused to see Harold with barley any scratches at all. They both realized what the message actually meant. The memory bracelet, He thought. Harold finally knew what the letter meant. The band was something his mother gave to him for his 7th birthday, 3 years ago. He treasured it with his life, and kept it in his bedside table.

He’s correct, growled Dark Phoenix. No time to loose, we have to get to dragon manor and begin our search before these rapscallions get their greasy hands on it.

By Seth SWW

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  1. Great writing Seth – and you read it aloud really well.

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