The Mysterious Hotel by Will

Do your children get bored?Does your family want to have an experience of a lifetime?Do you want to seek into enchantment?

Come along to Neverbelieve island.

Go to sunrise beach to watch the sunrise. Would you have a go at the moonlight mini golf course. Would you have a chance to come to the mysterious hotel. Would you dine at the under water sea food restaurant. Would you stand the entertainment of the ambitious water park.

Watch the moon shine around the island while playing golf with your family. We have the the most astonishing golf course in the world.

Come and watch the marvellous sunrise at sunrise beach. Come with your family and watch the sunset and rise.

The mysterious hotel has fun and more fun. Come in a luxury room with your family.

Come and taste the sea food of the under water sea food restaurant. Fish serve     your food and cook your food it’s delicious.

Slide down the astonishing water slide. Have a slide de down the biggest water slide in the world.

So come along we can’t wait so book now for a 50% offer but it only lasts for a week. So call 01234567897.

2 Responses to “The Mysterious Hotel by Will”

  1. I like this writing why did you include the sun and the moon

  2. I like the third paragraph of your writing
    How did you think of the name the mysterious hotel?
    Maybe put more similes.

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