The mystery ship


Tyson stared out of the window and into outer space. All of a sudden a loud beeping started. He ran up up to where Callum where. In the control pit. Callum looked at the radar and saw that some thing big was approaching the at a high speed. They didn’t know what it was or where it came from but the only thing they knew was that what ever that thing was it was coming towards them fast! Then all of the power and lights turned off on the ship, and the only way to turn it back on was to go outside the ship on flip a red switch, but they didn’t want to do it. All of the sudden something big hit the ship and made a big rumble. They had to think fast. Tyson ran to operate the turrets and Callum tried to find out what is was. Bullets were being shot into the other mystery ship and the weird thing is that it isn’t firing back. A virtual person appeared on the screen and sent a message. 

Chapter 1 

Callum was doing maths, his least favourite subject. One of the kids behind him kept kicking his chair so he told him to stop but he continued to do it. Callum shouted “STOP” at the top of his lungs, and that interrupted the the teacher and the lesson. After that he get sent to the headteacher. He looked down in shame until he felt a tug on his jumper. He looked next to him but no one was there. “Oi, down here mate” Callum looked down to see a dog. A dog that could talk. It has orange spots on it and white on the rest of its body. There was an awkward silence because he was in shock. He had never met a talking dog before. He explained to Callum that the both of them needed to go into space because there was an unidentified space craft flying around. 

“By the way. My name is Tyson”. Callum had some time to think about this. What would his parents think? How long would he be gone for? After a while, he agreed anyway. Tyson said that they had to go straight away, but how would they get out of school.

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