The Skeleton Key



Timmy peered out into the vast ocean of clouds and noticed a blood red airship soaring through the sky towards them, ready for anything. He heard the bullets bouncing off the Veercran ‘s wings, not missing a single hit. Surprised, he hid in his bumpy , shiny shell. He could now smell burning coming from the engine. Popping out of his shell Timmy squeaked “ Lavender, we have to get out of here now. If we stay any longer we will be burnt to a crisp. Humans before mechanimals, now go. I’ll stay.


Chapter 1


Colin stared at the wall longingly, his dad (a lazy , old curmudgeon ) had grounded him for the third time this week. Only because he snapped his pencil that was only 2p. An idea floated into his brain. He slid down the gutter and laid in the prickly holly bush. He ran as fast as a cheetah and into his makeshift treehouse. Suddenly, a green blob slid through the window and landed with a loud THUD!


 Colin examend the strange creature and was delighted to see Timmy. Timmy gave him a note that said:”Sorry Colin, I am sorry that I have never seen you since you were three but I love you and hope you are alright. I might never see you again as I have been captured by naughty people. At Least you have Timmy and your dad”Colin gazed down at the floor and started weeping. Just then, Colin realized he had left his rustic skeleton key at home…


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