The Story of Amber, Saffron and Sky

Meet Amber, Saffron and Sky. They live in the village of  Oakwood a safe and friendly place where everyone was happy. But a warning had come and they had been forced to leave.

The next day they began to leave Oakwood to set of to the mountains  to find a new home. Grabbing the picnic they had packed, Saffron and her friends ran out into the cloudy day wondering what was to come.  After a while they reached the mountain and began to climb it but soon Sky the youngest started to complain. She complained for at least 20 minutes until Amber and Saffron decided to stop. They stopped on a ledge and got out the picnic bag. Hurriedly, Amber got out snacks for them all. Just then Sky looked up. She turned to Amber and Saffron and said “ Why is the sky black?” Amber and Saffron were horrified. They had not realised how long they had been going for! Quickly they gathered twigs and set up a den for them to sleep in that night.

Early the next morning Amber peeped her head out of the twigs and smiled, the sun had just come up and it looked beautiful. But a frown crossed her face when she remembered the task ahead of them. Gently she woke Saffron and Sky up and reminded them about their task.


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