the Temples Island resort

Come on down to the temples island luxury resort, where the fun starts and the laughs echo in our many caves for you brave explorers!

Do you desperately need time away and relax on our golden glazed beaches? Will you step up and ride our curdling cave mine cart escape? Don’t you want the time of your life?

Well, come enjoy yourself at The Temples Island luxury resort!

Marvel at our fire breathing Tiki shows;

Scream on the Curdling Cove mine cart escape;

Eat at our tiki takeaways next to the reception

Explore the wonders of the river Ocdamica

Be dazzled at our Friday night fest fireworks

Take a relaxing swirl in Lord Larry’s lazy river, whilst being handed tasty treats on your journey (these treats vary from doughnuts, crisps or bagels).

“I can’t believe how sleepy I felt on the lazy river! Last thing I knew I was bobbing on the side with sprinkles on my chest!” said one famous ride tester, John Pickleberry.

There is also a giant, luxurious temple hotel, various different restaurants (the most popular one is the grand fisherman fish ‘n’ chips) and lots of entertainments while you wait in ride line!

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