Vase Extreme.


Tyson gazed out of the electric blue airship named Silver-Hawk as it drew closer and closer. He saw the airships small silver but still mighty harpoon glistening in the glazing sun, as the airship got ready for action. He heard the roar of the engine firing up like a burning, crackling beacon of fire. Tyson sensed danger, the engine was overheating it was going to blow. Staring to his master, Tyson shouted “For all the ticks making this world work, you should jump first, you are more important, Human before Mechanimals now JUMP!”

Chapter 1

Peering across the jagged concrete playground, making Southern Grammar Primary School for Girls look tiny, Esther Pebble ensured there was nobody to give her the familiar detention after school. Gingerly, Esther quietly clambered upwards against the chequered gate putting each foot in the holes. Soon she was over the gate in no time (although sadly she sprained her ankle while doing it but she did not care one bit) because she was free and away from that dreadful school.

Once again she unfolded the letter and read through the horrible, horrific dreadful news. Esther’s Father, Johnathan Pebble was missing and his own airship, Ladylancer, crashed terribly and was easily destroyed with the harsh force smashing the bow of the ship. But Esther thought the last words in the letter was so strange and something her father would never say ‘Pick the correct rose to find the mystery.’
She thought to herself how does that make any sense to anyone, it’s impossible to get the right understanding of it. Many nights she had lain awake leaning gently against a Willow tree covered in red and orange leaves. Esther kept wondering what the saying might mean, but she had zero understanding of it so she left it for the night giving up.

At the moment, Esther heard a strong, loud and even irritating puff of cold breath, soon enough a well known face appeared from behind a Silver Burch tree. “By every tocks and ticks, you have been taken a clogging long time to get out of that horrid prison.” shouted Tyson, “Also this is a big favour but give me a little wiz-waz on the old winder will you? I have used up the largest piece of energy ever escaping from them dreadful little scally-wags: Esther broke a timid smile as she carefully wound up the ice cold key, and Tyson gave a giant huff and puff of satisfaction. Tyson’s raven black fur was lightly singed by the crash of the airship, besides that he was as fine as his normal grumpy self.

That late afternoon, Max (Esther’s old friend) was bewildered to see A mini bull sitting by Esther’s shoulder. “Why are you in Regret Alley” Max asked suspiciously.
“Don’t know but even so why are you lurking around here.” Esther replied with a stern voice.
Changing the subject Tyson nudged Esther making her push him away. Max said very quickly and sharply,
“Your Mothers vase is probably back in the OLD house you know which one.”
Esther and Max exchanged a small smile.
“Back to the old house shall we!” said Max
“Well then let’s go back to the house shall we.”
Let’s go!!!

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