Visit Better Believe Island

Visit Better Believe island.

Yes,visit Better Believe Island and you’ll wish to stay there your whole life!

Are your children glued to the couch?
Are you tired of doing the same activities everyday?
Have you had enough?
Why not zoom into Better Believe and start your adventure?

Float to the spa right next to a posh cafe.
Don’t miss the beauty room,you’ll love it I promise.

Slide down the biggest ,funnest water slide ever at better slides!All the visitors have been there at least once (I’ve been myself.)It’s the funnest thing in the whole of Better Believe

There is also a hotel where you get sunning rooms,free breakfast,lunch,dinner and snacks.There’s even free candy every time you visit.

It’s 10 mins away from area 15 everyone is welcome.

Join the better team- free of charge!



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