visit galaxy island

Visit Galaxy Island


Yes visit galaxy island and you’ll never believe how much fun there is!


Are you bored?Are your disappointed with the productivity of your kids?Why not come to Galaxy Island and come and stay for eternity?Zoom through this advert for more information!


There are multiple places because there is a school that can make your kids grads higher in just one day.There is also a shark friendly pool and the best part is riding on the shark and you can have a name for your shark.There even is an underground cinema for all houses and you never need to pay rent for your house.

There are multiples of unicorns that have galaxy hair.There is a waterfall that has a slide and the slide can go all around the world.There even are talking clouds that can take take you to space


It is in the wishing tree’s wormhole and that 

 will take you to the Galaxy world remember that the password is your name.


And please join the glorious galaxy team

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