Visit Lotta fun park

Yes-visit Lotta Fun Park!It will be a lotta fun!


Are you sick of your children being on the couch all day?Are you tired of being bored?

Why not zoom into Lotta Fun Park?It will be a lotta fun and you won’t regret it.Don’t miss out on the 50% off.It lasts from 1 January till 22 Desember.


  • Wonder in our glowing Mist Cave
  • Be astonished by the Mist Dragon Ride
  • Swim in the underground Starlight Swimming pool
  • Have fun at lotta fun park!


In buttercup water park,your kids will have hours of fun.They can:


  • Use our water guns
  • Learn how to swim
  • Slide down a lotta fun sides 
  • Swim with obstacles
  • Swim down to get fake diamonds!


Buttercup swimming pool is the best place to be.Many of are tourist have said’’this is the best place to be’’and the most famous youtuber said ‘’this place is amazing’’when she visited.


There’s also free candy,Luxury rooms and a delightful glowing mist cafe!Kids eat free every 2 days.


This splendid place is just 10 minutes away from area 15.


See you there! 


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