Visit Musical Island

Visit Musical Island

Have you ever been in a quarrel or having any problems in your life? Well, Musical Island is now open so you’re welcome to visit anytime!

Musical island is a place where you can listen to music and do other things like singing under the bridge. If you’re silent enough you will hear the remedy wash away all our worries and problems. When you dive into the sea you will hear the glorious golden shell open and sing a song. 

Once you settle down at the grassy cliff, you watch the shining sun set and welcome the night to appear. As you fall to your slumber the stars quietly play a lullaby.

Every plant  on the Island plays a different tune. These are the types of flowers that is on the Island of music:

  • Purple Lily=Rock Music 
  • Yellow Tulip= Soft Music
  • Red Poppy= Thunderous Music
  • White Daisy= Soothing Music
  • Pink Lavenders= Pop Music
  • Black Orchid= Classic
  • Blue Lily= Opera
  • Green Lilypad= Jazz
  • Gold Drop= Hip Hop
  • Silver Drop= Country
  • Rose Gold Tulip= K-POP

There is also a cafe where the food is musical. The orchestra will play songs, while you enjoy the delicious food that has been served!

Just a reminder, you can only stay for a day, otherwise your ear drums will pop!

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