Visit neverbelieve

Visit Neverbelieve Island


If you want a good holiday, you found the right place!


Want something fun and interesting do? Are your kids stuck on their mobile devices all day? Have spare time on your hands? Why don’t you visit Neverbelieve which has fun for all the family?


Be amazed at the Greek go-karting colosseum.

Have a loss of words at the crazy corn maze.

Be astounded by the crazy castle mini golf.

Admire the rainbow rain valley.


At ice Skating Skies, you will:

  • skate on our new bouncy ice which is infused with green, bouncy slime;
  • wear our improved safety gear for a safe and fun experience;
  • bounce in the skies like you’re flying;
  • experience a great time with no skill needed;
  • have the zero gravity experience you’ve always wanted.


At our ice rink you can start your bounce skating career. On the snowy days, you can turn snowball fights to skating snowballs fight so you have much more fun with the experience you gain and pass it on to friends and family alike.


There is also a coach and tour guide for each attraction, plenty of restaurants and cafes for you to eat and drink at. We also have free breakfast at our hotel.


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