Visit Neverbelieve Island

Visit Neverbelieve Island

Why not take a holiday break with your family when it’s half term?

Well come and visit the Neverbelieve Island and have the time of your life!

Are you ever bored at home? Nothing to do? Seeking adventure and fun?

We have all of it here at Neverbelieve Island!


Be astonished by the crystals gleaming brightly in the Crystal Caves.

Admire all the different kinds of dragons at Dragons Den (don’t worry they’re friendly so you can pet them.)

Have a little scare at the Haunted Manor while going through on a rollercoaster!

Have fun at the big splash waterpark by going on the world’s tallest slide and the biggest pool in the area!


In the Dragons Den, your children and you will get the chance to be amazed by these so called extinct/didn’t exist animals. You and your kids will:

  • walk around in a two-way lane to different rooms that the dragons roam about in;
  • be trained how to feed, ride and play with the amazing creatures;
  • have to be 6 and over to go with the dragons
  • have the chance to take a picture with the dragons;
  • feed the dragons fish and other sea creatures (if allergic, please tell an instructor);
  • have a 45 min play with the cute animals before taking a picture and leaving the area.


Dragons den is a great place for your kids to learn and experience different adventures. Many kids leave the area jumping up and down with excitement and happiness. Lots of dragon scientist say, “Absolutely brilliant!” while visiting our Dragon den. So book now to get 3 rides free and kids eat free for however long your joyful stay is. So what are you waiting for? Book now to have some awesome fun! We can’t wait to see you!

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