visit neverbelieve island

Visit Neverbelieve island


Do your children always play on their technology for too many hours without a break to go outside?


If so, come to Neverbelieve island and sleep at our very own five star Harry’s hotel and later on go to Barney’s bowling alley. Who wouldn’t eat a delicious meal a Gino’s Italian restaurant and then sit on the harbour and gaze at the turquoise seas.  If you want the getaway of a lifetime, why choose anywhere else?


Become a pro golfer at Gary’s golf course.

Explore Mount Springfeild on our mountain bikes for hire.

Eat at our very own award winning Gino’s Italian restaurant.

After an exhilarating day come back to a comfy bed at Harry’s hotel.

Marvel at Vector’s VR cinema.

Be amazed at our crazy kart track.


At our track you will:

  • Use our 1000cc McLaren powered go karts that have a top speed of 100 mph;
  • get coaching from former F1 drivers Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button
  • drive for an hour and a half with friends and family against Michael and Jenson;
  • get personalized racing overalls and a helmet with design of your choice to keep for just £20 per person;
  • learn safety procedures and the motorsport flag code;
  • get a certificate and medal on the winner’s podium.

Crazy karts is the place to be for the summer with a 25% discount if you use the code

Speedweek35. Many people who have visited us have gone to a career in motorsport.


There are lots of parking spaces available and at our restaurants. Kids eat free and also there are a wide range of shops that sell designer products from slippers to smartwatches. Check us out online for all of our special offers.

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