Visit The Island of Coglebeaken

Visit Coglebeaken Island


I must persuade you to come and visit the island of Coglebeaken where your dreams come true!

It’s an appalling sight to experience your children’s eyes fixed onto a screen accompanied with violence and daunting characters, isn’t it? Don’t you think they should get the opportunity to visualise vibrant colours, exotic tastes and miraculous wonders, leaving your children in awe and excitement? Coglebeaken Island can enable your whole family to be packed with positive feelings and everlasting smiles on their journeys. Does that sound like your type of holiday?

Come here today at the wondrous island of Coglebeaken where your dreams become reality!

Leave yourself in awe at Wacky Waterfall Water Park.

Get ready for the adventurous expectations at Mark’s Marvel Motorbike Track.

Seek unexpected creatures inside Callum’s Crazy Caving Centre.

Feel nourished at a reserved table of your own by Ricardo’s French Restaurant.

Buy free gear at Sean’s Spectacular Skiing and leisure centre.

Focus fantastically by George’s Great Golf Court.


At Callum’s Crazy Caving Centre, you can seek weird and wacky types of creatures!

They will:

  • welcome you pleasantly and present you with a map;
  • receive free gear;
  • get the chance to keep the vivid head lamp for yourself;
  • eatdrink inside our 5star café;
  • (best of all), train to become our crazy caving champion!


Inside the wondrous caving centre, you can experience miraculous wonders and try to complete your unsolved mission! But don’t worry, the creatures won’t bite! You can find Brick Lice on the cave walls, Spider flies where they don’t spin webs, they eat them! If you discover the very heart of the cave, you might find Callum (the owner) and he will award you with a special prize with your name on it as well. If you desire food, then you’ll find our top rated café in the country too.

As I say again, I must persuade you to come here to Coglebeaken, but fast. This is because everyone’s children seem to be infatuated with video games and parents have hurried to book their holiday tickets. If you do want to come here, it really isn’t expensive since loads of people are happy about the set price. See you there!






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