Visit the land of Never-safe

Visit Never-safe

Yes, visit the land of Never-safe and enjoy our breath-taking activities.


Are you ever bored at the weekend? Do you and your friends long for excitement? If so then come visit Never-safe.


Marvel at magical monsters up close.

Surf the daily tsunamis.

Reach for the stars when you climb Mount Ever-best.

Experience weekly earth quakes.

Admire our active volcano -only available until January 31st


In the Magical Maze you will:

Lose yourselves in the maze’s magic;

Find an “exciting” surprise at every twist and turn;

Overcome tricky obstacles;

Avoid hidden traps;

Solve the sphinx’s impossible riddle to get to the centre.

*warning may never come out, enter at your own risk


Just of the shore of Never-safe, you can surf the daily tsunamis. Many of our survivors have become professional surfers. ‘It was a wild and brilliant ride, I enjoyed it greatly.’ Said Lucy Tutting, an Olympic surfer.


Book your visit today at: www/Visit

*Your safety is not guaranteed


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