Visit Twilight Kingdom


Visit the Twilight Kingdom

Visit the Twilight Kingdom and experience the time of your life, you won’t believe what fun this superb theme park has to offer!

Do your children ever long for something fun to do? Do you want them to experience delight on a whole other level? Then why not come down to the Twilight Kingdom for a week and let your children explore this marvel of a theme park? The answer – yes! Tremendous amusement for the family!

Look at the luxurious lazy lagoon.

Be astonished by canyon falls.

Pet the unicorns at the Zurprising Zoo!

Try and swim through the Wave pool.

Go in the Toilet dunk.

While in the Box canyon your child will have hours of joy as they smoothly glide in and out of this man-made canyon. They will:

  • Use our original wingsuit’s made out of spandex and rubber;
  • Have free coaching from our veterans;
  • Learn to glide effortlessly in and out of the canyons;
  • Learn the delight of wingsuiting;
  • Taught safety trials – wear inflammable suits and learn how to land safely


Box Canyon is where your dreams commence. Most of our guests have gone in a career in wingsuiting. “This centre turned me into a wingsuiting champion.” Said 14 time wingsuiter record holder Rex Finnard.


There is also plenty of parking dotted around the park, lots of superb cafes that is controlled by Gordon Ramsey and stunning souvenir shops.





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