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Jefferey and Rob (the mechanimal worm) stood in the open plains scorching. “My systems can’t take this.” Said rob. However, inside I he was just really empty. Then, out of nowhere appears something unknown. It was just another human though. “HELLO. IS ANYONE THERE?” He shouted. “MY NAMES HARRY.” Then, Harry came running towards Jeff and Rob (Jeff is short for Jeffery.) However,something didn’t look quite right. He had a knife. And he pounced…

Chapter 1

Barging open the fire exit of sacred heart primary school, Martin Waller sprinted down the back alleys of the town towards a shop. In the shop lay a newspaper. Jeffery Waller gone missing was the headline. No, it can’t be. Thought Martin after his dad specifically said “I will definitely be back. Don’t worry.”

However, there was something weird about the letter. Martins secret weapon was to decipher secret codes. And at the bottom there was (indefinitely) a code to decipher. So, he sat down to work it out. And fairly enough it said, the world is at your hands. Find Rob and he will tell you farther instructions.

At that moment he saw something pink appear out of the bushes. “Took you long enough to find the news.” Said Rob (the mechanical worm again). “And you are?” Said Martin in a somewhat sarcastic but real voice. “Rob. Now follow me.”

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