Chapter 1-Goodbye forever

Chapter 1-Goodbye Forever!


This morning, a turaco delivered a message,the turaco pecked on the window.Mopsy jumped up and raced to the window.She took the letter and dived upstairs and gave Pip the letter.Pip read the anonymous letter, he ran up to hs mum and let his mum read it.She read it outloud “To Pip and family we are so sorry to inform you that the Gorm is back you need to evacuate ASAP”


So three young rabbits went upstairs miserably.They entered the room and went straight to their wardrobe and packed their clothes then they went to the kitchen and gathered loads of water and food.Then they went to the secret cupboard and gathered weapons.They couldn’t forget the map.They needed that map.The rabbits went downstairs and said “Goodbye mother we love you”They went upstairs and went to bed so that they could set off nice and early the next morning.

They ran upstairs and jumped in their beds.Mommy rabbit hopped up the stairs to put Cottontail to bed.She went into Pip and Mopsies room and said “Goodnight my sweet babies I love you”.


It was the next morning, Pip Mopsy and Cottontail went downstairs and ate their breakfast.They went into the porch and grabbed their bags  and left. They didn’t have to say bye to their mother since they said bye to her the night before and off they went.They had been walking for 2 hours scanning the map.Finally they found their destination they entered the tunnel and all they could see and smell was the damp all on the wall and fairy lights.Because of the smell they had to leave as it made them feel sick.”WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE”! they blasted.


They came out of the tunnel and heard a twig snap .They turned their heads ever so slightly they shook their heads thinking it was nothing.They found a shelter for the night since Cottontail was tired.Pip opened his eyes after a nap due to breathing on his face.There he saw it it was the Gorm……….

Bye Eden-Rose

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  1. Thomas- Forest Academy November 29, 2021 at 11:06 am

    Don’t forget to add commas.

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