Jessie and Lilly’s adventure LillySHCPy5


Jessie gazed out of it Eagle’s window is the golden airboats snook closer. She shouted as loud as a lion, “Everyone get out of the ship as fast as lightning. Humans before mechanicals.”

Chapter 1

Lilly just out of the Queside high, relieved to go home for the end of term. “Boo” yelled Jessie making Lilly jump as high as a giraffe, “got you!” “I’m here Jessie. “Am I ‘winding you up’?” Jesse was a beautiful Hazel fox, with an albino tail and paws.

At home, Lilly was relaxing when Andy walked in. “Can I see your mother’s clock again? It is very pretty.” The clock was decorated in roses, orchids and lillys.

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