Lopkin one eye- by Bert

Chapter one – refugees!


Let me introduce you to some friends of mine, Lopkin, Jason and Amber. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, well these are three ordinary children with ordinary names, but this is where your rong. These three are far from that- oh no. These three little ones are hares.Now, you may have a lot of questions but be patient. 


So, these three live off the coast of a small island called Mount Dover. They may not know this yet (but yet again, why should they, tucked up in there cosy beds at Heath Clock Mound) but they were destined for an adventure as the dreaded Gorm set out to catch their lives like snatching a fly. 


Suddenly, a sentry came shooting down the steps to the mound. Then, he sprawled on the floor- he was speechless. Lopkin then noticed it was Grooble- one of the oldest hear. Out of nowhere, chaos rained. All hell was breaking loose and the worst of it was that they had good reason. The Gorm was coming. He was puled out of the room. 


He woke up and took in his surroundings…

His older brother was staring back at him. “ How you feeling “, he warbled through a mouth full of crunchy lettuce. Lopkin muted “Fine”, and snached up a piece of dry tomato, asking what happened. Jason informed him, leaving out no details. Apparently, many of the tribe had set out to find shelter and safety. Their mother had made Jason swear an oath to go- with his brother and sister- to Fortilla. He suddenly brandished a map of where to go with instructions. She stayed behind to defend home. Where they were at now was a secret bunker. There were many scattered around the place, each equipped with: stacks on stacks of food; a cosy atmosphere; a tiny bed; water and warmth. They would set out at dawn…

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