Liondaro looked out of the window of his house awaiting for Reas dad to return so he can see her finally.The next day a letter came. He opened it and it was from Reas dad. It says that he is in danger and so is he and Rea. You need to goto her and run away as far as you guys can. Don’t get her to worried. She is at a balat school. You guys might not see me any more but don’t tell her that because I wan’t to do that myself. I have gon to get safety. To find her go to this address: 31 Sharlon lane 265 PL1. I hope you travel safely and if your battery dies there is some batterys and keys. There is another letter to give to her. As soon as you find her please give it to her…

As soon as he got the letter he dashed out of the door and fled to the address of Rea getting as fast as he could. She was at a balat school and she had a audition next week.As she was leaving she notest Lianardo and ran straight to him. He got the letter out and gave it to her.She got worried for a second before she opened it. 

She took a deep breath and opened it.It said I might not say you again but I want to give you some advise. Don’t waist your time go swift and fast.I am going to go find help. Don’t worry about me and listen to Lianardo please. Sweet dreams.This is a dangerous place to stay so you are going to go far away.

I know this is sad but get your hopes up because we are going to go to Paris and have the times of our lifes.

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  1. Absoulutely amazing but make sure its good quality

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