Grinch goblins

The average Grinch goblin, is a far from normal species.Usually, they live in the depths of caves, however when they are afraid some times they run and hide.This is because they only do there job at Christmas ( steal Christmas ) so they are scared in every other month.

Grinch goblins are not easily identified,as they only see light every ten months. The majority of humans believe he is a monster to us beings.Also, their appearance is horrid to the naked eye it’s quite concerning as he has he is believed to have rough green coat and sharp white whiskers.

Grinch goblins have special powers : fly around the world, click his fingers and brake things and the one most people are worried about,spoiling Christmas.

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  1. Thank you for submitting your writing to TeachingLive, Poppy and Hannah. We enjoyed reading it. We’d like to know what grinch goblins eat?

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