The Guinea Pig Goblin

The guinea pig goblin is a common type of goblin. Guinea pig goblins are almost the same as guinea pigs. They look like guinea pigs, need food and water, sleep in the night, wake up in the day and can be kept as pets. Nevertheless, guinea pig goblins hate grass and eat peppers for their digestive systems to function properly. Furthermore, they hibernate from exactly the 5th December to the 22nd December so that they are ready for when their owners let them out of their cages to enjoy Christmas with their friends.

Guinea pig goblins are not easy to distinguish from guinea pigs, as they are almost the same as guinea pigs. The minority of them (that is about 5%) have red eyes, most of them have black eyes. Curiously, they can be all colours of the rainbow except green. Moreover, they have a thin layer of fur because even without their fur they would still be burning hot! Fortunately, guinea pig goblins have a good eyesight (maybe even better than a human’s eyesight).This enables them to see if they need to wake up in the middle of the night. Alternatively, pups are born with extra fur, which they lose on their 2nd birthday.

Guinea pig goblins first live in forests, if they are born in a cage they first live in cages. It is well known that they live in couples and families. If they are full, they will leave food for later in the day. Therefore, this keeps them hydrated and full. Surprisingly, they live in amazing harmony with rabbit goblins.

Our guinea pig goblin care companies have made over 10 million guinea pig goblins healthy and fit. To preserve these wonderful creatures, treat them like real pets.

5 Responses to “The Guinea Pig Goblin”

  1. Great writing Alaric! You have used lots of the language that Pie talked about. We were particularly impressed with your paragraph on the description of your goblin. You used the fronted adverbial, “Alternatively” at the end of that paragraph, and we’re not sure that works. Can you come up with a better opener for that sentence?

  2. This is my new sentence: However, pups are born with extra fur, which they lose on their 2nd birthday.

  3. Thank you for responding to our comment, Alaric. We are always pleased to see contributors read the comments that they get, and respond to them.

  4. Tell Pie I like his cave goblin text. 🙂

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