The Hair Goblin

The hair Goblin has hair for bubbles believe it or not. Most hair goblins look pink and have markings to blend in with a bar of soap. It is also as large as a house spider. It also sometimes takes a bath and liquifies and goes into a bottle to look like shampoo, so you could have a hair Goblin in your bathroom!

The hair Goblin lives in the deep pipes of the shower and sometimes in sinks! It also lives in bathroom cabinets next to the dust Goblin. It is also found in the middle of toilet roll tubes.

The hair Goblin eats clumps of hair, dead spider legs, soggy biscuits and soap clumps. However, the hair Goblin has some foods it can’t eat. Like fresh water it can only drink dirty water like used water. It also can’t eat un-tangled hair, only tangled.

Surprising Facts
Some hair goblins can be seen having a bath in a swamp and having to walk all the way to one! Some people have claimed to see some acting like a dog and liking tiny puddles of bathwater! Some have claimed even to see it acting like a walruss and doing tricks to impress ants!

The hair Goblin is most likely to be seen making shampoo with a mixture of face cream, soap and water. Some even have been seen to do stand-up comedy to the water goblins that live in every type of water. Some have been seen to have water-droplet fights. Some have even tried on wigs of hair from the bottom of the shower! Some even been seen to do water skating.

Fun Fact
Most hair goblins when there born are the size of ants, at adolescence they are the size of house spiders and when there fully grown they can grow to the size of a small dog!

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  1. Well done for submitting your blog challenge, Eli. We enjoyed reading it. We like the way you have organised the different paragraphs, just as Pie suggested. I am sure you know the difference between there, their and they’re. Can you spot where you used the wrong one?

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