The John Sutton Goblins

The John Sutton Goblins are very gentle and kind.

They look very cool and have amazing hair. The goblins are yellow and have pink noses they wear glasses and wear black jumpers and stripy blue trousers. They have rainbow hair and can see 300 meters away and are very small some are tall but not all. Also they wear rain coats.

They live all over UK but they mostly live in Buckingham Palace also they really like the sink aswell its weird but can’t complain its there habitat they do often sleep in peoples bed though.

John Sutton goblins eat chocolate cakes ,John Sutton goblins biscuits and candyfloss they must always drink fresh orange juice but never vanilla milkshake or strawberry covered apples they do eat dust sometimes its very umm nice…

John Sutton goblins have many surprising features they can fly also dance by the way they love pranking people and they are remarkably good at running but they are very heavy and only like the warmth.

John Sutton goblins really like jumping and watching cars go past have you ever seen a goblin watching cars? they like listening to pie corbet goblins read pie corbets books its fun.

They are so kind and careful

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. Peaches, thank you for submitting your blog challenge to TeachingLive. We enjoyed reading your piece; you have organised it very well. Can you read your paragraph on diet again carefully and improve it?

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