The Space Goblin

The space goblin

The space goblin is stupid with no idea what to do and no knowledge.

He  is habited on the fire filled pineapple planet. This planet is beyond the kyper belt. Also the planet has over 100,000 violent and destructive volcanoes.This dangerous planet is full of deadly gases and destructive liquids filling its atmosphere such as lava and poison.

The space goblin eat chunks of the pineapple environment.These beast like creatures also drink all the lava and toxic gases on the planet.

These phenomenons habitat themselves in pineapple shaped houses and they have a protection bubble to protect them from air and human oxogen

Space goblins enjoy going on intergalactic space missions through different galaxies  and  solar systems. They also invade and destroy all solar-systems suns to steal there atmosphere full of pollution. They also hunt down the suns of solar systems for there cores.

To help space goblins go to o9908654783561265 and donate £1 to gain materials to save space goblins

2 Responses to “The Space Goblin”

  1. Well done on getting your first piece published on TeachingLive, Ryan, Isaac and Riley. Your piece on space goblins is well organised into different sections, Can you read your paragraph on what space goblins enjoy and spot the repetition of a sentence starter? We are sure you can come up with an alternative from Pie’s list.

  2. I found this post very good and my favorite but is this : ‘Also the planet has over 100,000 violent and destructive volcanoes.’

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