I chapter two Anne in the dungeon by Annabelle g

Chapter two

Anne at the dungeon


The lights of the Edinburgh dungeon remained off and the old rotten door had not been opened for quite a while. Outside, the leaves swirled around and rain banged on the ground like stopping down a set of wooden stairs, inside, the banging of the rain could be heard and echoing screams circled around the room like a tornado.

Quivering, Anne got out the key, it looked old and rusty Anne turned the key slowly, she pushed the door slowly, creeeeeak  it whimpered, quietly the two friends stepped inside Albert following behind, the lights still remained off.

Anne tiptoed down the secret passage were Anne’s bedroom sat. Jo following, the two girls saw crates piled on top of each other. The children took away all the crates and found Anne’s mothers pocket watch lying on topography a fluffy blanket.

Curios, Jo picked up the watch and flipped it over “ huh what’s this” Jo said confused. Jo read what was on the paper “ it sounds like a riddle “ said Anne. Jo read the riddle again “ of course if your fathers diagram for his invention!” Exclaimed Jo. “No wonder her has enemies this would be worth millions!”

“So that’s why people are trying to capture my papa.” Said Anne

“Indeed,” came an eerie voice lurking in the shadows. Shocked Anne and Jo turned around. Anne recognised the person straight away, it was her fathers old friend professor Greenwood which her papa met in a computing lab. He had black hair with a cold looking smile “ I’ll take that thank you” He said snatching the watch from Anne .

A few minutes later Anne Albert and Jo were all locked up in a stone, cold room. The children all sat down and rested on some boxes.

“Well never get out of here!” Groaned Jo.

“Yes we will I will not let that idiot fool my papa!” Shouted Anne.

“We won’t we’re in hell and nobody can escape hell” stated Jo

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  1. Really good put what does topography mean

  2. Excellent descriptive writing.

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