Cogheart Chapter 3

“Oh, would you just try, you never give a thought about trying!” Harriet shrieked letting all her anger out at George, like a beam of lightning. “It’s useless, were stuck, you heard my dad, stuck good and proper” George fired back at her. “And exactly what have you tried, hmm,” Harriet gave a slight grin of delight, he was speechless. Every now and then Harriet would fire a beam of anger at him, and then go back to finding a way out. After a few hours of trying she gave up and came to sit next to him, then all of a sudden, they heard the sound of hooves, could it really be her? By this time, it had got dark, then came the whinny Harriet ran to the window and there she was “Rose!” Harriet said giving her a big hug around the neck. “Need a little wind up” she croaked.


After she was wound up, she gave Harriet the key that had been stored in between her teeth. Harriet sprinted to the door and vigorously turned the key, for a minute it felt like it wouldn’t turn, but then click, Harriet opened the door with a clash. She ran up to rose and jumped on her back, George sluggishly followed and jumped on behind. Harriet grabbed onto her mane gave her a little kick and they were off. But the one thing that circled Harriet’s brain was, would she ever see papa again, and if she did would he remember her?


5 Responses to “Cogheart Chapter 3”

  1. Well done Chloe for creating an exciting and dramatic chapter. You have used some descriptive phrases and used punctuation correctly. Perhaps try and find a different image for ‘beam of anger’ or ‘beam of lightning’ as this using the word ‘beam’ twice is a bit repetitive.

  2. This is an adventurous piece of writing. What made you think off the character’s names?you could improve it by adding an expanded noun phrase

    • Thank you, I got the names from my old friends, Harry and Harriet, and I thought they went well together. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Wow chloe, I love your chapter!

  4. well done Chloe it is so good it is good because it has cliff hangers

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