Snow Globe

Chapter Two


As Katy and James walked deeper into the moonlight mist, they could just make out Wild Wolf Castle, it looked very threatening. Outside the Castle, the shadow-black turrets were illuminated in the eerie moonlight, like Christmas lights flashing in the darkness. The building was surrounded by trees, that were bumpy and jagged like rocks surrounded with sea foam. They crept towards the old oak door, the withered handle orange with rust. CREAK. They stepped inside. Katy and James looked up. On the dark, damp, marble ceiling golden chandleries rattled along with the howling wind outside, like windchimes swaying in autumn air. Determined not to let her fear get the better of her, Katy took a deep breath, and they started the search.                                                                                                                                                  “Katy, are you sure this is a good idea?” James inquired, quivering.                                  Katy nodded her brave head, and tiptoed up the stairs.


Upstairs was no better, cracked musty paint was peeling off the walls, as if an animal had scraped it’s claws on the yellow paint and plaster. The rooms were empty and deserted, all except one; her Great Grandfather’s study. Something didn’t look right in that room, it looked like someone or something had got there before them. Still, Katy glanced round the ancient room, and there it was; her dad’s snow-globe. Picking up the beloved globe, James noticed something. Katy did too, the snow globe had words printed on it: ‘My invention, the auto plane bomber, has protective lining inside it, and a brilliant bomb rain machine attached.’

“And what do you think you are doing?” Inquired a black silhouette, skinny and thin. The man had skin as pale as a peach’s flesh; hair as blonde as lemon seed; and clothes as fancy as the queen’s palace. Katy immediately recognised this man, it was Professor Firefly; her dad’s worst enemy.

“Hand it over now.  It’s mine, finders keepers I’m afraid!” He chuckled, as if he had victory. And as if he thought they would get up to mischief, he grabbed them by the scruff of the neck, and locked them in the garage.


Darkness. That’s what the garage was, Darkness like no other. No light, no nothing, except the dreaded world of black. The garage had many things in it, many of which had been there for a good hundred years. In the day the garage was decent, but at night, well; it was cold, dark and damp, like a ghost was haunting it. Katy and James just sat in the silence, both thinking a contrast of thoughts.                                              Katy was hopeful, she was a determined girl and wouldn’t let anyone stop her. James on the other hand was stuck in a world of his own. ‘This is it,’ He thought, ‘this is the end.’









Chapter Three

All through the evening the garage lay in silence, as if nothing or no-one, had laid a finger its contents. Katy stood up, she had had enough waiting to last her entire lifetime. She started poking at the walls with bits of broken wood and twigs, as if she thought she would find her way out. Unfortunately, there did not seem to be much hope in that happening. Whilst Katy threw 100% into this,  James, gave none, “Oh, for goodness sake James, how many times have I told you, good friends work together, not against!” Katy snapped, sighing in frustration. James shrugged his shoulders, “I’m not made for this sort of stuff Katy, I’m not strong and stern like you are.” Katy ignored this completely and continued poking and prodding random bits of the walls. They did not budge in the slightest, it looked like they were made of concrete slabs, concrete that was old and fragile, that was grumpy, that would not let trespassers find a door.

Katy seemed to get annoyed very quickly, and when she did, she threw her frustration at James, “Are you listing or not, you spoil sport? Do you even care about my Father?”                                                                                                                     James sighed, “I do, I just feel like this is hopeless, we’re not getting anywhere are we?” He replied, his body deflated, like a withered flower, drooping in silence.                                                                                  “Good I knew you cared about him, now grab a piece of wood and get stuck in!” she replied, as a grin appeared on her face.

Just as James was about surrender, a familiar clicking noise came into earshot. The sound of cogs turning filled their ears, as small paws scratched at what they thought was a door. The paws of this animal or mech sounded worn out, and tired. “Woof, woof. Are you going to escape or not, it’s now or never you know.” Arlo barked, trying to catch their attention, as he groaned in annoyance.

“Of course we are, let me give you a wind up, then you pass us the key,” Katy exclaimed, as relief and shock poured over her. She reached her dusty hand out of the cracked window frame, and twisted the bronze key, used for winding the mechanimal up. As she did so, the mech slowly and steadily, whirred into life. Katy grabbed the key from Arlo’s dribbling mouth and placed it into the lock. For a worrying moment, it wouldn’t budge, but suddenly, CREAK the door opened.

Katy and James could stand it no longer, they ran through fields, they ran through the woods, and after all that running, they took shelter in a wooden shed, that  looked Victorian. After a while Katy fell asleep, her mind buzzing with activity.                                                                                   When would the war end? What was her father doing right now? Where was her father?











3 Responses to “Snow Globe”

  1. This is exciting and well composed writing Ava, well done. You have used punctuation and description very effectively to contrast your characters.

  2. Thank you Mrs Simpson, I really enjoyed writing this piece as I left it on a cliff-hanger!

  3. Well done Ava this is a good piece of writing. Although, I think that in chapter two you don’t need, She nodded her brave head it can just say she nodded her head. Loved it though.

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