Chapter four a magical ending

Chapter four

a magical ending

After two long aching hours of walking through the heavy snow with the Gorm breathing their freezing  foul smelling breath right into their noses they got to a colossal river. “We’re here,” Percy attempted to say gloomily but you could tell that he was excited.

By the river was a hut with a sign which had nothing on it but fainted lines of names of made up burrows. In the quietest voice he could speak Percy whispered “Seabay burrow” immediately the sign rewrote itself to say Seabay burrow just like magic. Right through that door is Seabay burrow. The Gorm troop in walked with the bunnies right behind. As soon as the Gorm stepped in the hut they dropped down an extremely deep pit. “Quick, drop the trap door over the pit” Percy yelled suddenly.

It took the three siblings a minute or two to realise that they defeated the Gorm. They started whooping with joy. “Can we go home yet?” moaned Pook. As they started their journey back Pam asked Percy “how on earth did you know about that place?”

“I read all about it in a book I found in the library about two weeks ago” answered Percy in a very proud voice. After defeating the Gorm they decided to rebuild their old home and live the rest of their life calmly and safely with a few bunnies from burrows all over the world.

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