As a Result

As a Result


As a result of pigeons – another carwash.

As a result of cow’s milk – a glass of snow.

As a result of winter – frosted nose, frozen toes.

As a result of lockdown – addicted to screens.

As a result of money – plenty of shopping sprees.

As a result of plastic – rubbish in the ocean.

As a result of litter – lazy people.

As a result of corona – no shops open.

As a result of teachers – too much homework.

As a result of square sausage – party explosions for every delicious bite.

As a result of friends – laughter and happiness all the way.

As a result of Scotland – Irn bru and Scottish accents.

7 Responses to “As a Result”

  1. I love this its so good
    Please can you make it rhyme next time if you can
    I recommend to make something like this but maybe if you can make it rhyme more like I said In my question

  2. I love the way that it is relatable like when you said ‘As a result of pigeons-another car wash’.
    What do you mean when you say ‘As a result of cow’s milk-a glass of snow’?
    Next time make sure you read it through because some of the words don’t make sense.

  3. Amazing writing I love it
    Maybe make it a bit more funny
    You could also add a bit more description

  4. I like when it talks about animals. How much pigeons are there? Telling a little more information.

  5. I love how you added a animals, plastic, money.

    Maybe you can add a question mark in one of the results?

    I think you should at least do longer sentences.

    Well done!

  6. I like how you describe which animal it is. Is it a male cow or a female? To make sure it makes sense.

  7. I like how you talk about school. Isn’t it good for you? To write a little more.

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