Come and visit Grand Nautilus Hotel

This summer are you hoping  for a vacation at a wonderful Hotel? Are you tired of your kids running laps around the house? Come over to the Grand Nautilus hotel and relax at the sandy beach with the sun shining? We are close to the ice cream shop, food shop and a 50% discount and a hot tub and we are near the hills where the hollywood sign is. There is a wonderful beach and a clean  river and we offer free swimming lesson!

We are very glad to offer 

-free swimming lessons     

-And a massage for family, especially for grand dads’ rusty backs.

-zip-line lessons

-rock and  climbing


We are opposite the Hollywood sign and our rooms have an amazing view of the sandy coastline and you won’t regret it and we offer go kart lessons.


Visit now and treat yourself to free lessons and amazing stuff filled with wonder. Be amazed by the things that are in stock for free and there is anything in the store for free and kids,children under 9 go for free.


  1. In the morning you will have breakfast but you can ask whatever you want in your bed everyday.
  2. Never be worried by paying £200.  You will get 50% percent off your first ticket and for a whole family it is for 500. 
  3. You will have a wonderful holiday and no headache.
  4. We offer sweets and free dinners at  any of your own butlers. We also offer parking places with your own butlers . 

You will want to come back because Mr Morris from Portugal said this is the best vacation he ever had and he rated us a 10 star hotel


Visit us at  

www.GrandNautilusHotel                378223 818381 23783w




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