Come to the extraordinary Grand Nautilus hotel

Do you wish to have a good holiday?Do you want to enjoy it?If you deserve a peaceful holiday why not come to the Grand Nautilus hotel?We offer adventures of a lifetime and free room service.Were just at the yellow sandy beach.We face the wonderful pier.All are rooms have a glorious view for you to enjoy.Children 17 and under go for  free.


At the Grand Nautilus hotel we offer you:

-free  family fun centre

-free clothes in all sizes

-and a museum tour with the best of fossils


Don’t miss out on the 50% off wifi, luxury bedrooms and spa for the family.You won’t regret bucking this magnificent holiday.


Treat yourself to delightful desserts that will make your taste buds burst.Visit now or else all the tickets will be sold out before you get yours.


Don’t miss out on the exiting family fun activities that we offer:

  • Family adventure park
  • Daisy fairground
  • Supervised baby fun centre 

Not so long ago faye bella said ‘’this is going to be the only place I will come for a holiday from now on.’’


Visit are website for more information

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