Explore our Nautilus Hotel!

This summer are you expecting a mind blowing holiday? Are you looking for a place that brings your dreams to life? Then why not come visit the Grand hotel? It’s the best reviewed for a sandy holiday and we offer free sand castle lessons and jet ski riding. 

At our Grand, we are glad to offer:


  •  Back massages for the family especially 

            granddad’s rusty back.

  • Room service and free WiFi.
  • Outstanding valet parking, butler and gourmet meals.

For weeks of excitement,peace and joy, book now as places are nicked by the second. We are expecting a *********** amount of stipulation this year due to corona-virus.

You wont regret our advanced booking with a 25% discount! And kids,children under 8 go free! To give you a little break,we offer.

  • Delighted nursery and daycare for the little ones.
  • 5 star masseuse.
  • A tumble-mumble park. 

Don’t miss out on booking. Last month Mr Bellwether from London brought his aunts,uncles and said ‘ If u don’t come here you won’t experience life’ don’t forget.

  1. Children under 8 go free
  2. 5 star masseuse 
  3. Outstanding valet parking, butler and gourmet meals.


Visit our website for more information at-

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