Explore the Grand Nautilus Hotel!

This beautiful summer, are you looking for an ideal  holiday ? Then why not visit our grand estate located right next to sandy beaches and turquoise seas? If you feel as though you deserve to be spoiled then why not stay with us at the best place in the world? We are in the perfect position opposite the pier , our essential rooms have a wonderful outlook of the beach and we offer free swimming lessons and  free how to build sand castle lessons.

At our grand hotel we are delighted to offer:

  • Lavish bedrooms equipped with state of the art WiFi
  • A gourmet dining room  acquaintance 
  • Day-to-day use of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • On the spot lost and founder service

For a week of luxury, harmony and everything else you could want, book now as places soon get nipped up . We are expecting a through the roof level of requests this year due to corona virus.

Don’t miss out on our 95 percent discount that ends on the 14 of February and children under 18 go free! To make your life way easier, we offer: 

  • A 24 hour nursery
  • An incredibly fun playground 
  • And a massive 3D simulation where your kids can do anything they want.

You won’t regret booking. Last year Miss Abdilahi  from Bradford  brought her gargantuan family and said, “This was the best place I have ever been to!” Don’t forget,  95 percent discount until Feb 14 and under 18s go free. Not to mention, free daily access to the massive  swimming pool and Jacuzzi .

If you are enticed by this amazing offer then go to our website Grandnautilashotel .


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