Stay Over At The Grand Nautilus Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of a peaceful holiday far away from stress?Never thought of that coming true,well, it will soon!Why spend the whole boring day scrolling on your phone or lying down on the couch watching TV, when you can book a £5.00 per adult ticket to the Grand Nautilus Hotel.Explore a new experience. 

There, you will be able to get the best rated massages, scrumptious food like margherita pizza from Italy, and the most dazzling, midnight-sky view.


So what are you waiting for?Book your £5.00 ticket today, children under 16 for free.

At the fabulous Hotel we are gladly happy to offer our:

  • 15 meter relaxing pool
  • Freshly baked recipes and pastries from our professional chef.
  • Free football games and matches to join or watch
  • 12 most expensive items to keep when you’ll leave , like decorations for your home and more.

This is a trip you’ll never forget.For a splendid week of joy,dazzle and amazement, make sure to book your ticket as soon as possible, before spaces get taken over.Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

You will be the lucky person to book one of the last 15 family spaces  from all around the world, so it’s either you hurry, or you lose a billion dollar experience. We amazingly also have:

  • Babysitters to look after your stressing, annoying children.
  • An exclusively fun, ginormous water park to keep them occupied.We even have fun mug creating and painting subjects!
  • Peaceful luxurious beds and language lessons for your kids to easily learn and speak to their heart’s content.
  • And for the ladies out there, gym area,face treatment with face masks, nail-polish colours to die for and finally hair treatment for smooth, silky locks.

Mrs Laurent from Canada had visited last month and exclaimed, “This was such an amazing holiday.I don’t know why some people ignore these adverts but they’re definitely missing out”.

For further details visit our website below, you won’t regret it!


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